Hi there and welcome to the Longleigh Foundation website.

Longleigh is a grant-making charitable foundation dedicated to supporting the individuals and communities served by the social housing sector.

Our mission is to support transformation in the lives of residents and communities, becoming the charity partner to the social housing sector.

Individual award

We were set up, in late 2015, by the social housing provider, Stonewater, who had recognised an ever-increasing gap between the needs of their residents and the availability and accessibility of services to provide the support required.

Cutbacks to, and even the disappearance of, vital services across the community, combined with precarious employment opportunities and changes in the welfare system are continuing to put people, families and communities into positions of severe financial hardship, emotional distress and heightened vulnerability.

With the demand for our funding continuing to increase over the last few years, we know that Longleigh is needed today just as much as when we were first formed.

So, come on in, find out more about us, our funding, work we’ve funded and how to support us or get in touch.


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