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Here at Longleigh, we’re running a programme that seeks to support social housing residents to improve their economic, emotional and physical health and wellbeing.  

This has presented an opportunity for suitable organisations to apply for funding to deliver the physical health and wellbeing part of the programme.  

We have a commitment to reduce the amount of time that organisations spend in searching for and applying for funding and in reducing the number of applications that are unsuccessful. This is why we use the ‘call for applications’ approach: we’re clear about the theme we want to fund, but want to partner with the right organisation who can bring their skills, experiences, and innovation to enable transformation to be possible in the lives of the residents and communities served by the social housing sector.   

Please click here to access the full call for applications document that lets you know more about the programme and how to apply.  

We’re excited to be doing our call for applications approach for the first time so we hope this is an enjoyable and interesting way for you to apply for funding. 

We hope to hear from you soon.  

Warm regards 

The Longleigh Team   


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