Circles of Support

Over the last year, the COVID-19 pandemic has made already hard times much more difficult. That led us to giving over 700 grants to Stonewater residents and families. But we know that the pandemic has created long term problems for people’s economic and emotional wellbeing. Lockdowns, feeling isolated, home-schooling, losing loved ones, financial difficulties – it’s tough out there.

That’s why we’ve created: Circles of Support.

What is Circles of Support?

Exclusively for Stonewater customers, Circles of Support puts people’s economic, emotional and physical health and wellbeing at the centre. This programme provides ongoing support, giving people the space they need to take the next steps forward in their, and their families, lives. 

We’re here to support Stonewater residents in three areas of their life: economic, emotional and physical wellbeing.

We understand that these three areas of an individual’s life all link together. We know if one part of a person’s life feels threatened or unbalanced that it impacts all other parts of their life. By placing Stonewater customers in the middle, Circles of Support takes a holistic view of residents and asks them: how can we help you build a brighter future?

Please read on to see more about the services on offer and how residents and Stonewater staff can access them.

What support is available:

With Stonewater customers in the middle, they’ll get the support they need. There are three ways Circles of Support can help. 

Economic Wellbeing

We’ve partnered with Clean Slate to help people on low incomes become better off. The Tenants’ Financial Guidance Programme offers a guided review of Stonewater Customers’ finances. They will help Stonewater Customers identify ways they can increase their income, reduce borrowing, boost saving and minimise spending. 

Clean Slate will provide practical steps to help fix your finances. For example using a benefits calculator, reviewing budgets and thinking about work opportunities. They offer three tiers of service dependent on your needs – all of which will leave individuals feeling empowered and able to think more positively about the future. Visit their website. You can call Clean Slate on 020 3540 7421 or email them on

Emotional Wellbeing

We have two partners to support Stonewater Customers’ wellbeing: Kaleidoscope Plus Group (for adults) and Impact North (for children and families).

Kaleidoscope Plus Group (KPG) is a leading national mental health and wellbeing charity that offers a wide range of services for those experiencing mental ill health. They are offering Stonewater residents over 18 years old support if they are having difficulties with their emotional health. KPG will do this either one-to-one counselling or through wellbeing workshops.

KPG’s 1:1 counselling sessions offer a safe space to talk about the issues individuals are facing and explore difficult feelings in a confidential, non-judgemental environment. KPG’s wellbeing groups provide a safe and inclusive space for participants to learn new ways to cope and manage every-day stressors. Some examples of the wellbeing groups include: ‘Sleep Hygiene and Relaxation’, ‘Managing Anxiety’ and ‘Managing Frustration and Anger’. Visit their website. You can call KPG on 0121 565 5605 or email them on

Impact North provides a range of specialist psychotherapy services for children and young people (aged 0–25), parents/carers and professionals. They are offering a range of support options to help children, young people and/or their families look after their emotional wellbeing. 

Impact North’s specialist staff will work with children and families to explore concerns and questions, to better understand what might be causing difficulties and to share what could help. They bring a range of creative methods into their work to engage children and young people and their carers. Support is flexible and can vary from short to longer-term sessions. Visit their website. You can email Impact North on

Physical Wellbeing

We know how important it is to look after your physical health and wellbeing. We’ve partnered with Community Health-Works to enable Stonewater customers to change their relationship with food and their body in small, gradual steps, improving their overall sense of wellbeing.

Their team of qualified nutritionists and yoga instructors offer health and well-being coaching and support. They share simple cooking skills and lots of ideas about savvy meal planning & prepping, as well as how to eat more fresh foods. Stonewater customers can access a series of ‘Cooking on a budget’, (family) yoga workshops, regular Facebook lives on diverse topics and tailor-made support through a 3-month one-to-one programme. Visit their website. You can also email Community Health-Works on

Please note: Each of the organisations involved in this programme are independent of Stonewater.

How can I get help?

Getting help is easy and quick! 

Circles of Support is open to all Stonewater residents. It doesn’t matter where a person lives or what they do. All support can be provided remotely and in a way that works best for each person.

If you are Stonewater resident, you can contact any of our partners directly using the contact details above. Let the partner know you are a Stonewater resident and they will support you through the next steps. You can also read our Stonewater Residents Infomation Booklet.

If you are a Stonewater staff member, you can work with a resident and help refer them to any of the partners above. Please refer to Stonewater Staff Information Booklet for further details, or contact the Longleigh team for more information.


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