Longleigh Lockdown Stories: Bringing It All Back Home

Leeds Music Trust - Lockdown Story

Right from the outset, the ‘Bringing It All Back Home’ project, run by Leeds Music Trust, captured us with the powerful impact that music can have on supporting people’s emotional wellbeing and mental health.

Here is their story of 2020 – it’s a 25-minute video of authenticity, inspiration, resilience and utter joy – so, we make no apology for the length of this latest instalment of the Longleigh Lockdown Stories!

It’s likely that you’ll have that extra bit of time over the coming weeks – if that’s you and you want to see a wonderful example of engagement with people who are struggling with their mental health, then this really is for you.

This story feels like the best Christmas gift we at Longleigh can share with you at the end of such a challenging year. When you’ve watched this, I think that you’ll want to join with us in sending special Christmas best wishes to all those involved in running the Bringing It All Back Home project and all those musos who have embraced the project and feel new hope in their lives through having the opportunity to find new creativity and expression and, as importantly, new connection and friendship.

For more information about the Bringing It All Back Home project, please contact Tony on: bringingitallbackhome@hotmail.com. To find out more about our work at Longleigh and our commitment to be the charitable foundation partner for the social housing sector, please have a look around our website: www.longleigh.org.


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