Longleigh Publishes Second Learning Report on Flooring

Longleigh Foundation has recently published the second of our Learning Reports about the provision of floor coverings in social housing.  

This second report highlights the very real experiences of tenants.

The research is being carried out by Altair on our behalf and is part of a three-year project commissioned and funded by Longleigh.

If you are a landlord or work in the social housing sector please take a look at this report and consider attending one of the round tables highlighted below. We are keen for as many people as possible to read and reflect on the findings.

Round Tables

We hope to see you at one of the upcoming round table events. They are being held over Microsoft Teams, set by the role you play within an organisation.

  1. Strategic: Board Members and Executives: Thursday 19th October 2:30pm-4.00pm;  
  2. Operational: Assets: Tuesday 17th October 12:30pm- 2.00pm;
  3. Operational: Housing & Lettings: Thursday 19th October 12:30pm- 2.00pm.

To sign up for one of these events, please click here


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