Our Annual Report And Financial Statements For 2021

We are pleased to share our statutory Annual Report and audited Financial Statements from March 2020 to June 2021. Covering our response to Covid-19 and lockdown restrictions to our new, strategic plan, this report gives an in-depth overview of Longleigh’s work, finances and future plans.

Our Chairman, David Emerson CBE, introduces the Annual Report as follows:

“This extended Annual Report encompasses the full period of the pandemic from the lockdown in March 2020 through until the middle of 2021. In doing so I believe it demonstrates our agility in adapting to those extraordinary circumstances, as well as to the speed of change and needs in the communities we serve including the many varied consequences of Covid-19, such as job precariousness, delays to benefits, and other financial hardships. This report demonstrates our wider significance and growing impact, in part reflected through the impressive doubling of our individual grant giving to a total of more than half a million pounds, delivered through well over 700 individual grants.

The Longleigh team also adapted very well to support our project and research grantees. The inventive ‘Cuppa and Chat’ sessions facilitated by our CEO gave project grantees a valuable space to connect with each other and talk through issues, which has helped them survive, even thrive, in these challenging circumstances. With our aim of being a learning organisation, one lesson we have identified from many individual grantees is the need for a package of support for their economic, physical and mental well being. Consequently we are implementing a new project, ‘Circles of Support’, which aims to provide holistic and wrap-around support to Stonewater customers.

None of our work would be possible without the generous financial support from Stonewater, together with advice and support from so many of their staff, for all of which we are very grateful. Most especially, I thank the Longleigh staff team who have stayed so dedicated, working from their homes, and who have in turn been supported by a committed trustee board whose guidance and insight has been invaluable.”

David Emerson CBE

You will see from David’s introduction, the Annual Report and audited accounts illustrate our progress across this challenging year and how we strive for transformation in our work.

If you are a social housing provider or supply chain partner to the sector, and if you want to see how our model can improve the lives of your residents and communities, then please get in touch with us on contact@longleigh.org.

Keep an eye out next year for our new, digital Annual Review – a story-led report on the impact of our work.  


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