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Longleigh provides funding that enables transformation and change in the life stories for the people and communities served by the social housing sector.

We are trying very hard to turn the traditional charity funding model – where lots of funding applications are made but only a small proportion are actually successful – on its head.

The Longleigh difference – over 90% of the grant applications made to us in 2019 have been successful.

The reason for this is our commitment to be relational in our approach. We want to invest our time in supporting as many positive outcomes as possible. This means that, no matter which type of grant you apply for, there is support available to help your funding application along.

Our Individual Grants are only for the social housing residents of the housing providers signed up to our programme. To apply for an Individual Grant, a staff member from your social housing provider will need to work with you on your application and submit it on your behalf.

For our Project and Research Grants, the support is directly from our team. We will put out ‘calls for applications’ about the specific issues we want to fund and this is your opportunity to submit a response. We’ll then invite selected organisations to develop a full application. The invitation to develop a full application is an in-principle approval to fund your work. So, our team will work closely with you on completing your application and ensuring you meet our funding requirements.

Longleigh Foundation’s mission, vision and values

It’s important to us that all the funding applications we receive support our mission and vision. Our values guide us in how we go about our work so you know what you can expect from us and what we’re looking for from you in return.

Our mission is: to support transformation in the lives of residents and communities, becoming the charity partner to the social housing sector.

Our 2025 vision is: to enable more lives to be transformed, across more communities, by continuously improving the difference we make and the value we bring to our partnerships with the social housing sector.

Our values are to be: compassionate, collaborative, agile, insightful and ethical.

For more on Longleigh including our strategic aims visit the about us section.

Individual Grants

At this time, our Individual Grants are only available for residents in Stonewater properties or housing schemes. If you are not a Stonewater resident, unfortunately, an Individual Grant from Longleigh is not for you at the moment.

We offer five different types of Individual Grants:

  • Crisis
  • Hardship
  • Flooring
  • Critical Incident
  • Education, Training & Employment

For more information on our Individual Grants, and the difference they can make, please click here.

Project and Research Grants

We provide funding for registered, non-profit-distributing organisations that are seeking to address the issues and challenges that are more prominent and prevalent to those who live in social housing and also in communities which have a significant amount of social housing.

We also offer grants to fund research that furthers the understanding and potential solutions to the issues and challenges faced by people living in social housing and their communities. 

We will put out a call for applications on our website and on social media, so please do keep checking the site and follow us on Twitter @LongleighFound.

For more on our Project and Research Grants and applying for our funding, please click here.

“I am writing to thank you for the generous financial support, allowing us to prepare for the scaling up of the project. I have greatly appreciated the positivity and encouragement from the very beginning… one of the most refreshing things I have found is the genuine care for those we’re supporting. I have been blown away by the values and culture of the Longleigh Foundation which have been so evident throughout this pioneering process.”

Feedback from recipient of a Project Grant in January 2019


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