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Currently, our Individual Grants are only available for residents in Stonewater homes or housing schemes. All applications must be submitted on behalf of a resident by a Stonewater staff member. Stonewater residents should email if they would like to apply. Please don’t contact us directly to make an application as this will only delay the process.

There are times when we all need a little helping hand to either get respite from distressing situations or to help us get ahead. We offer five different types of Individual Grants that are all there to support residents in short term and very practical ways at different times in their lives. We want to support people in meeting essential needs to help avoid making those very difficult choices between heating or eating or having to make damaging financial decisions, such as taking on very high interest debt to buy much needed household items. Individual Grants can also help residents to pursue new education, training and employment opportunities.

At a glance

The five different types of grants we offer are:

  • Crisis Grants: immediate support for essential items for people fleeing domestic violence or if they have been a victim of crime.
  • Hardship Grants: supporting people in a range of situations that have created or increased financial hardship.
  • Flooring Grants: for people with conditions that affect the safe movement around the home or families under the care of Social Services.
  • Critical Incident Grants: to support at times such as after a flood or fire, where there is a serious case of hoarding or where the individual/family has been a victim of crime in their home.
  • Education, Training & Employment Grants: helping people embrace new education, training and employment opportunities as they look to a brighter future.

Application process

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At this time, Longleigh’s Individual Grants are only available to residents in Stonewater housing properties/ schemes or those who have signed up for a tenancy with Stonewater but have not yet moved in. If you are not a Stonewater resident, unfortunately, a Longleigh Individual Grant is not available to you at the moment.

Whether you are a resident or a staff member, you can view our full eligibility criteria document to help decide whether an Individual Grant is suitable. Please make sure you read the document thoroughly and carefully as we want to prevent people spending time completing an application if the resident’s situation doesn’t meet the eligibility criteria.

If you are a staff member working with a resident to submit an application and, after reading the criteria document, you have any remaining questions, please do contact us at and we will do our best to help.

If you are the supporting staff member and you and your resident would like to proceed with submitting an application, please click here to complete our online application form on the resident’s behalf.

We can make decisions as quickly as possible only when we’ve received fully completed applications. We aim to make decisions on Crisis Grants within two working days. We aim to make decisions on all other, fully completed applications within seven working days.

Support available:

Please see below for further details on services, projects and support available to Stonewater residents.

Circles of Support

Exclusively for Stonewater customers, Circles of Support puts people’s economic and physical health and wellbeing at the centre. This programme provides ongoing support, giving people the space they need to take the next steps forward in their, and their family’s lives. 

Circles of Support is open to all Stonewater residents. It doesn’t matter where a person lives or what they do. All support can be provided remotely and in a way that works best for each person.


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