Individual Grants

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At this time, our Individual Grants are only available for residents in Stonewater properties or housing schemes. All applications must be submitted, on behalf of a resident, by a Stonewater staff member that is directly supporting the resident.

We offer four different types of Individual Grants which are all there to support individuals and families in very practical ways and at different times in their lives. We want to support people in meeting essential needs and to help them avoid making damaging financial decisions, such as taking on very high interest debt or having to choose between eating or heating. Sometimes it is that quick, small practical help that makes so much difference in the long-term.

At a glance:

  1. Crisis: for those very difficult, unexpected and unknown situations that arise and have to be responded to.
  2. Hardship: for known situations that are about to happen but that will still cause financial hardship.
  3. Disasters & Emergencies: for helping people cope with the impact of a natural disaster so they can get back to normal as soon as possible.
  4. Education, Employment & Training: for helping people take that first step into higher education, self-employment or in a newly secured job.

Covid-19 Update Individual Grant Applications

During the coronavirus pandemic, we have been working to ensure the best level of service continuity as possible for all Individual Grant applicants.

Some of the suppliers of goods and services that our Individual Grants pay for have needed to restrict their activities to look after the safety of their staff and to maintain social-distancing rules. For example, some suppliers are not installing cookers or are not taking furniture items into people’s homes.

We hope people can understand that we cannot support a supplier leaving an expensive item on a doorstep with us having no knowledge of whether the grant recipient is able to safely move the item indoors (without breaking social-distancing rules) or safely install an item.

We have made arrangements with alternative suppliers to safely maintain the supply, delivery and installation of essential household white goods and other items. Whilst people will get the essential items stated in their approved application, at this time the range of choices people can choose from may be more limited. For example, there may only be one style of three-seater sofa available but in a choice of colours or only one choice for a family-use washing machine.

We ask that staff who are making applications on behalf of residents explain this limited selection during the pandemic so that there are no misplaced expectations and avoidable disappointments about what is available.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and please stay safe.

The Longleigh Team

Application process

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At this time, Longleigh’s Individual Grants are only available to residents in Stonewater housing properties/ schemes or those who have signed up for a tenancy with Stonewater but have not yet moved in. If you are not a Stonewater resident, unfortunately a Longleigh Individual Grant is not available to you at the moment.

Whether you are a resident or a staff member, you can view our full eligibility & criteria document to help decide whether an Individual Grant is suitable. Please make sure you read the document thoroughly and carefully as we want to prevent people spending time completing an application if the resident’s situation doesn’t meet the eligibility criteria.

If you are a staff member working with a resident to submit an application and, after reading the criteria document, you have any remaining questions, please do contact us at and we will do our best to help.

If you are the supporting staff member and you and your resident would like to proceed with submitting an application, please click here to complete our online application form on the resident’s behalf.

We can make decisions as quickly as possible only when we’ve received fully completed applications. We assess fully completed Crisis and Disaster grant applications as and when we receive these. We assess fully completed Hardship and Education, Training & Employment grant applications on a weekly basis.


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