Raising awareness for better flooring provisions in social housing

We published our Final Report on the provision of floor coverings in social housing earlier this month, have you read it yet?

Our research revealed that an estimated 760,000 adults in social housing live without proper floor coverings, affecting as many as 15% of households. This lack of floor coverings significantly impacts tenants’ ability to create a welcoming home environment and make community connections.

One tenant from our focus group shared, “I only brought my guests into the kitchen, not the living room. I only let my friends go into the living room four months after I moved in because then I had laminate and rugs down.”

A focus group tenant

Please take a moment to read our open letter, where we ask you to raise awareness on the benefits of floor coverings in social housing and call on the government to fund an increase in floor covering standards.

If you would like to continue the conversation about this research or to find out more, please get in touch with Longleigh’s CEO, Aileen Edmunds.


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