Reinventing Homes – Longleigh’s Involvement In The ITN Programme

The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH), in partnership with ITN Business, have produced a news-style programme, called Reinventing Homes and, here at Longleigh, we’re delighted to be one of the organisations featured in this programme.

Launched at the recent Housing 2022 conference, the programme covers the innovations in design and building that are required to help social homes be fit for the net-zero future and embrace technological advancements that play a central part in our daily lives. It also covers the very human stories about the residents that live in social housing and what they need to be able to thrive in their lives.

The lockdowns that we all experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic dramatically changed what ‘home’ means, both positively and negatively. Millions of people suddenly had to try and make their homes also become a classroom, an office and a recreation space. For too many people, not being able to leave home meant that they had no respite from difficult relationships and many stories were published about the increase in domestic violence during the lockdowns. For those living in cramped or overcrowded conditions, or in homes in disrepair, situations that were already challenging became impossible.

Throughout the pandemic, our Individual Grants, combined with the projects we funded to make up our Circles of Support programme, supported thousands of social housing residents in a variety of ways. Residents were able to access grants that helped them get essential white goods to store and prepare meals or to help with the increased household costs of them and their children suddenly being at home all the time. The Circles of Support programme funded charities and social enterprises that could provide ongoing support to residents and their families with their financial, emotional and physical health and wellbeing – three key areas that were impacted as a result of lockdowns.

Although society has opened up again, many organisations have adopted hybrid working approaches for their staff and more employment opportunities are being advertised as being home-based. What many thought might be a short-term pandemic blip, has become the new normal that is here to stay. And, this means that the need to reinvent homes – so they feel safe, well-equipped, and a place to thrive, relax and work – will remain vital for the foreseeable future.

Our feature in the programme shows just a glimpse of how we’re playing our part.

We believe our model of working can be rolled out across the social housing sector and we’re keen to hear from social housing providers seeking solutions to how they enable their residents to access the transformational, enhanced forms of support that Longleigh delivers and funds. We’d also welcome hearing from the supply chain partners to the social housing sector. Longleigh offers a way that you can reinvest into the very communities that you generate business from and where the difference your investment makes is clear to see.


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