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Longleigh Foundation Annual Review

We are pleased to present our Annual Review for 2020, a year in which life unexpectedly changed for millions of people. But, a year in which we witnessed the silver-lining of incredible generosity, kindness, resilience and innovation across communities.

In the review, we share and celebrate stories about our work and how this is enabling transformation to happen in the lives of individuals and communities served by the social housing sector.

We hope that the stories show how, through our funding and support, Longleigh can be a value-adding partner to the social housing sector, addressing the human and social themes that can prevent people from living fulfilling lives.

On page 14, you’ll hear from the Chief Executive of our founding donor, Stonewater, about the power of partnership and, on page 16, about the impact of our Individual Grants from a Tenancy Services Officer.

From page 28 onwards, there are several stories about the community organisations we’ve funded that are addressing bed-poverty for children, mentoring for young people and supporting veterans in building new homes that they will go on to live in.

Longleigh Foundation Annual Review 2020

Alongside our Annual Review we present our statutory Annual Report and Audited Accounts for the 2019-20 financial year.

Together, these documents tell a story of progress, of innovation and the courage to step into the space where the potential for transformation to occur exists.

Longleigh Foundation Annual Report & Financial Statements 2020

If you are a social housing provider or supply chain partner to the sector, please do get in touch with us, on, to open the conversation about how we can bring our model to how you are working to improve the lives of your residents and build thriving communities.

Wishing you all the very best for 2021.


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