Support for residents

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Our support for Stonewater residents goes beyond giving grants. We regularly fund organisations, projects and research that provide additional support for residents and their communities. This support can take many forms – such as advice on budgeting and finances, learning new skills and access to wellbeing services.

Support available will vary based on which projects and grants are ‘live’. Some of these support options will also be based on other eligibility criteria, for example if you are in a Supported Living scheme or for certain age groups. Below we have provided details on the current live projects and grants and the criteria to access them.

If you are a Stonewater resident, we warmly encourage you to use these services and opportunities. They are here to improve your wellbeing; provide you with breathing space to manage difficult situations and help transform the lives of you and your communities.

Support available:

Please see below for further details on services, projects and support available to Stonewater residents.

Circles of Support

Exclusively for Stonewater customers, Circles of Support puts people’s economic and physical health and wellbeing at the centre. This programme provides ongoing support, giving people the space they need to take the next steps forward in their, and their family’s lives. 

Circles of Support is open to all Stonewater residents. It doesn’t matter where a person lives or what they do. All support can be provided remotely and in a way that works best for each person.


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