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Longleigh is a charitable foundation that is dedicated to providing funding to help address the challenges that are more prominent and prevalent for the individuals and communities served by the social housing sector.

This means we have a keen interest in social policy developments, in news and developments across the social housing sector and in how the world of charitable foundations work to support positive social change.

Our news page will help you hear our views, tell you about our work and show you the topics, news and developments that we feel matter to us and our work.


AN AMAZING OPPORTUNITY TO JOIN US AND HELP TO PROVIDE FUNDING THAT ENABLES LIVES TO BE TRANSFORMED The coronavirus pandemic has added to the already significant increase in our Individual Grants Programme. To help us provide a great service to grant applicants and beneficiaries, we have an exciting opportunity for someone to join us for […]

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Community centre illustration

Playing our part: supporting communities through the coronavirus pandemic

A note from our Chief Executive, Andy Peers It was back to work for the Longleigh team after a bank holiday weekend that’s been unlike any I’ve experienced in my lifetime, and perhaps like nothing I’ll – or we’ll – experience again. We are all living in extraordinary times. Out of the challenges that the […]

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Charities encouraged to apply for Longleigh funding to help tackle hate crime in the Black Country

A new fund has been launched in response to the growing numbers of people affected by hate crime across the Black Country.

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Pregnat women receiving funding

What we’re learning from our Individual Grants programme

Over the last two-years we have seen that any projections we made about the expected demand for the Individual Grants we provide to residents within the properties and schemes of our originating donor have been exceeded.

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One on one counselling

More than a numbers game

There are some scary statistics out there about the level of funding applications that are unsuccessful.

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